CSROur corporate social responsibility

« The success of a company has to always be human-centered, the responsibility of a managing director is thus to ensure that collaborators feel comfortable. »

Olivier Boisteau

Our CSR commitment at Clean Biologics is built upon a strong value which is to put people at the heart of our company. Our group CSR policy is aligned with our founding values: kindness, trust and respect, which serve the ambition to contribute to improving quality of life and communities’ welfare.


Clean Cells company obtains an 83% score

Since March 2020, companies numbering more than 50 employees need to issue a note on gender equality through 4 indicators:

  • Gender salary gap
  • Individual salary increase gap
  • Number of employees having benefited from salary increase after maternity leave
  • Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the top 10 salaries

Human-centered initiatives

CLEAN BIOLOGICS attaches great importance to quality of life at work through different actions:

  • Telework option
  • Individualized schedules
  • Integration of and support to interns and work-experience students
  • Recreational days during work time organized by the group

Our HR team sets up various initiatives to better develop skills and to promote social dialogue.

382 days teleworked in 2019

79/100 on the gender equality index

Risk management: quality, health, safety, environment

Service quality

Activities at CLEAN BIOLOGICS are based on human capital.

The performance and durability of our Quality Management System (QMS) is ensured through our collaborators’ skills and expertise.

We guarantee conformity, traceability and safety of products through high requirements based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Additional information on our certifications is available here

Health, safety and environment (hse)

Health, safety and welfare of collaborators are key to our performance, we have thus strengthened our HSE initiatives.

In order to promote Health and Safety of both our collaborators and contractors, we have been committed to:

  • Assess work-related risks
  • Set up necessary actions to prevent or reduce such risks
  • Sensitize and train personnel


The CLEAN BIOLOGICS group is committed to limit environmental impact through different actions:

  • Partnership with local suppliers
  • Carpooling platform membership
  • Tracking and management of waste
  • Eco-friendly practices

More than 75% of waste recycled and/or recovered

electricity & gas consumption


water consumption

2019 : 285 M3
2018 : 291 M3
2017 : 517 M3


Focused philanthropy

CLEAN BIOLOGICS has been supporting research foundations for many years. This commitment as a philanthropy sponsor underlines the importance of values such as sharing and mutual aid.

CLEAN BIOLOGICS has been financially supporting the Progreffe foundation. Progreffe helps researchers from the Urology-Nephrology Transplant Institute (ITUN -Institut de Transplantation Urologie Néphrologie) to increase knowledge on organ transplant.