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Increasing biologics manufacturing capacities

Biologics manufacturing encompasses all the processes which allow living material to be transformed into therapies, or biopharmaceuticals.
Part of biologics production requires the generation of banks of cells and viruses which are further used to produce large molecules therapeutics.
Cell and virus bank manufacturing requires both technical knowledge and strict compliance to cGMP guidelines to provide safe and potent material to biologics manufacturing.

With 23+ years of experience handling hundreds of cell and virus models, Clean Cells has positioned itself as a leader in cell and virus banking, providing complementary characterization and storage services.

Our state-of-the-art cGMP facility launched earlier this year now welcomes our biologics manufacturing capacities, providing 8 new clean rooms designed for all types of biopharma projects and equiped to meet production specifications for both adherent and suspension cells.

BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories within cGMP environment

Biologics production laboratories are part of a larger setup of cGMP-certified clean rooms, audited multiple times by healthy agencies and clients globally and subject to extensive environmental controls.

Laboratories are qualified for operations involving BSL2 and BSL3 material and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

One-stop-shop CDMO services for bioprocess-ready banks

Clean Cells’ new site of operations includes manufacturing, quality control and storage areas to provide cell and virus banks ready to use for biologics manufacturing.

Our bioprocesses and long-term expertise guarantee potent, safe, and stable banks (MCB, WCB, EOPC) and seed stocks (MVSS, WVSS) with a comprehensive panel of characterization and release assays according to worldwilde requirements.

In addition, liquid nitrogen in vapor phase and -80°C short- or long-term storage are proposed in qualified equipments until further use in biologics production.

Extended CDMO services as part of Clean Biologics

Clean Cells is a founding member of life science group Clean Biologics, including CDMOs Biodextris and Noabios, providing development and clinical biomanufacturing services directly complementing Clean Cells’ biologics manufacturing capabilities.


Feel free to contact us for your cGMP banks projects.