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The importance of technical oversight (CMC) in drug development

Technical oversight brought by a Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls Subject Matter Expert (CMC SME) is crucial to ensure acceptance with regulatory bodies and patient safety at every stage of GMP manufacturing and in association with CDMO services provided by the Clean Biologics group.

Save the date ! Congresses: meet our teams!

Congresses: meet our teams!

Teams at Clean Cells, Naobios and BioDextris are traveling the world to attend major conferences and congresses within the biotech sector. As leaders of the biopharma field, our mission and our drive at the Clean Biologics group are to remain both reachable and up-to-date with regards to the latest developments and innovations.

Press Release

Clean Cells invests over €13M in new biopharmaceutical production site

5,300 m2 new facility will quadruple analysis and production capacity, becoming largest site in Europe for biopharmaceuticals quality control services and production of cell banks for innovative drugs.

Clean Cells’ webinar – Cell based therapeutic product: cytogenetic challenges and solutions

Is your cell product free from genetic abnormalities?

Our next webinar will touch on genetic safety using Karyology and FISH analysis in compliance with regulation regarding cells based products for multiple applications such as gene modified cell therapy. It will gather our cytogenetic expert, the Dr. Vasileios N. Georgakakos joined by our business developer Aymeric Huguenot, on the 17th of June at 4PM.


Clean Biologics SAS acquires Biodextris Inc.

Transaction enables ArchiMed-backed Clean Biologics group to establish North American presence and expand activities with Biodextris’ complementary services

Webinar in association with Polepharma

« Vaccine: Biomanufacturing and quality control testing challenges »

The theme of this new webinar will be « Vaccine: Biomanufacturing and quality control testing challenges » and will take place on 27th May 2021, in association with POLEPHARMA.

Joseph Jammal, new CEO of Clean Biologics group

Clean Biologics reinforces its management team and appoints Joseph Jammal as CEO

Back-to-school period: eco-friendly gifts to welcome the teams back to Clean Biologics

Back-to-school period is a time for resolutions and celebration at Clean Biologics!